A Few Tips for Aging Well

Age Well With These Tips!

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In today’s youth-obsessed world, you can’t walk out of your front door without running into something that knocks your self-esteem down. While mainstream culture continues to obsess over the one thing they can’t hold on to forever — youth looking skin — we’re busy sharing ways to celebrate the journey of your own life without fear of the future.

Today, I have some advice I’ve learned from chatting with some friends, mentors, and women who have refused to let society tell them to fade into the background.

What advice do you have? Comment below I would love to hear about your tips and tricks! Get started here…

Okay first off, MOISTURIZE your skin! Keeping your skin moisturized is a HUGE key to keeping your skin looking younger. I have oily skin, so I understand if you would rather have a “dryer” face. I learned with time that it is best to keep the skin moisturized. Little did I know there ARE products out there for every skin type even oily skin.

I will post more about skincare every week. So, stay tuned and please follow my blog and follow me on my journey.

My next tip is not to dwell on things you really can’t change. We all age but we can slow down the process. Prevention is key to keeping your skin looking younger.

Also, DON’T pick at your face. I am embarrassed to admit this but I have had this issue my entire life. I can’t stand when I have a blemish on my face. In my experience I learned this the hard way that instead of popping those annoying pimples, leaven them alone. I have so many acne scars I have to cover up daily.

My scars are fading now but I wouldn’t say I have “clear” skin just yet. Although my skin two weeks ago compared to now, the difference is very different. The products I use are from Rodan and Fields. I use Soothe and it is really helping the redness disappear. Yes, I am a R+F consultant. I will get more into that on another day.

My focus now is just some advice and tips I have personally learned.

Also, everyone’s skin is different so, although these tips work for me. I am not guaranteeing these tips will work for you.

What have you learned about keeping your skin looking younger? I am really interested in what other people do for their skin that helps. Comment down below.


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